“It is a club that I like to be, I want to be and I look to the future” thumbnail

“It is a club that I like to be, I want to be and I look to the future”

How is the team?

Normal, after the painful defeat the other day. Tomorrow we have a new opportunity against a team in good dynamics that attacks continuously, with a lot of people in the area and is in a good sporting moment.

Can Griezmann’s return be a solution?

I always think as a team and I just came from lunch with Miguel Ángel Gil and Andrea Berta. We look to the future by focusing on the present and we find ourselves with a 14-game League in which there will surely be six or seven teams in these places with options to enter. We have to focus on being all together, soccer players, leaders, people and coaching staff and look for ways out of difficult moments as happened to us in the difficult moment of the pandemic years ago (in reference to the 2019-20 season), where we were sixth in qualifying and we finished third. We will have to make a great effort from everyone, keeping in mind the objective and we look at the future by focusing on the present, which is the most important thing.

They say that the relationship with the board has worsened.

I understand that you had asked the question, but you did not listen to the previous answer.

Did you feel supported in that meeting?

We get together once or twice a month and we talk about all the situations: good, bad, difficult and spectacular that happen to us during the season. It is a moment where the club is making strength as a result of what we are going through, which is a bad moment, and we have to take it forward. How? being together.

Did you expect more public support from the board?

I have the motivation to live daily. I have the possibility of being in a club where I like to be, I want to be and looking to the future trying to solve the things of the present. It is not necessary to speak outward, we must speak inward and be clear about where we are going.

Do you trust the locker room?

I have extremely recent facts that, beyond the not good moment that we all go through, there is not a single circumstance, but several, I absolutely believe in the players. There is a squad, we have to express what we feel on the pitch and I’m sure they’re going to do it.

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