“I was fortunate to represent more than 80 million refugees” thumbnail

“I was fortunate to represent more than 80 million refugees”

Sanda aldass and Miriam Martinez They came to Lezama today to see the rojiblancas facilities and the members of the Athletic women’s team. Afterwards, the two athletes gave a small talk to the players in the press room. “Now in the world there are more than 80 million refugees, we were lucky to represent them, at least we were able to send a message of hope. It was not easy to get to where I am now, you know … with three children, with work, double training, and we are alone, we have no family around. It was very hard, but at least I made it. Maybe if someone else sees it, they search about it and it can get a little hope for me it means a lot. This is what it means to me to be a refugee, ”she said. Aldass, a Syrian-born refugee judoka who participated in the Tokyo Olympics.

For its part, Miriam Martinez, Paralympic shot put runner-up at the Japanese event, highlighted what the sport means. “I think that in the end life is a mirror and when you smile it comes back to you. In the end, you do not do this for yourself, you do not even do it for your own health or to feel well. In the end you do it for the world that surrounds you. I only have in mind to continue, to be able to enjoy what I do the most, which is sport. Honestly, I don’t care if it’s launch, cycling … Whatever, I think there is no label for anything and for anyone. I love sport and what I have shown is that sport gives you life, and above all it gives you a second chance, “he said.

Both athletes participated on Wednesday in a colloquium organized by the Athletic Foundation and the Aterpe Program together with Eunate Arraiza (Athletic player), Tessy ebossele (Triple Jump champion athlete under-20) and Joana Nani Suarez (European Champion of Mini Fly). Five references for girls who dream of dedicating themselves in a professional or amateur way to sports. Cris Garcia, Athletic Femenino press officer, was in charge of moderating the talk.

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