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‘I come to eat the world’

Danny Gomez He was presented this Monday as a new Espanyol player, to whom he arrives on loan from the I raised until end of seasongives. Mao Ye, CEO of Espanyol, has been in charge of welcoming the player. Sunday Catoirasports director, has done so by emphasizing that “he is a forward of mobility to play on the entire attack frontaggressive, dynamic, percussiver… He is young, ambitious and has a great mentality”. Catoira wanted him to “have a rimmediate payoff” and added that “it will not be the last addition to the team”.

The player, after expressing his enthusiasm for arriving “to the perica family, to a club that is changing a lot, in a process in which I feel qualified to give everything from the first minute, forming a group and helping to continue growing”.

When did you receive the first call from Espanyol?

I don’t know exactly when it was, but the contacts with my agents go back a long time. It was always clear to me that it was a possibility that I prioritized because it is a great challenge.

He has coincided with some club players in lower categories, have you already spoken with them?

No. I have a very good relationship with them, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to them right now.

How do you deal with the competition in Espanyol’s attack?

It is a very exciting challenge, being able to continue in the First Division. I come to eat the world, to fight for a position. But above is the team, you have to help from wherever you play.

Have you seen the first two Espanyol games and how can you help?

The first days are always rare. Yes, I have seen both games: in Vigo he showed character and knew how to be in the team. Against Rayo, the expulsion conditioned the team. But it is early to draw conclusions: the team is good and strong and will go further. I have spoken with the coach, he and he will explain to me what he wants from me, when first I will put myself under his orders.

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What goals has the club set for you this season?

I spoke with Diego a week ago and he was the reason why I came here, he gave me very good feelings, he told me that he would demand a lot of me, but it is a very exciting challenge. As for the objectives, they will be set during the season, we are going to go game by game.

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