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Hermoso: ‘What About Villarreal? It Was Nothing, We All Defend Atlético’

Beautiful Mariodefend the Atletico Madrid, author of the 1-0 and the subsequent penalty that gave rise to the tie at one, pointed out that they were fortunate to score in the final minutes, because it was an “uncomfortable” game.

“There are times when things don’t work out the way they were planned. It was an uncomfortable game and we were lucky enough to score in the final minutes. I have the bittersweet taste of that penalty which I understand was from a natural position and I’m alone, but the important thing is to win, which is what we wanted,” the footballer told Movistar.

about his exchange for bruiseprotested by the public said: “The truth is that it is a change a little different change, but it made sense that it was to accumulate Griezmann Y Belt above and not lose structure behind”.

As for his differences with the fans, after the game against Villarrealexplained: “At no time has there been anything. It is more what has been commented during all this time. There has never been anything, neither by one nor by others. We all defend the shield of the Atletico Madrid”.

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