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Hamraoui asks for “respect” for his private life

Kheira Hamraoui He asked this Tuesday that his private life be respected, while the investigation into the mysterious assault he suffered progresses, and avoided talking about Eric Abidal, whose name was cited by the press as a possible testimony. This was indicated in a statement released by the lawyer of the soccer player of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Saïd Harir, in which he does not refer to the former French international and former FC Barcelona player.

Hamraoui “He urgently asks that his private life be respected, as well as the right he has to remain silent at this difficult time.” He said he waited “with serenity” for the development of the investigation to meet the accused “as soon as possible” and assures that he “has the firm intention” to return “with pride” to represent “the colors” of the PSG.

Likewise, the note alluded to the type of aggression suffered by the player: “They were blows of unusual violence, especially in the lower limbs, leaving implicit the desire to spoil her professional career.”

The 31-year-old footballer was hit in the legs with an iron bar by two hooded men on the night of November 4 while driving with her PSG colleague Aminata Diallo, who was detained for 36 hours, but was later released without charge for lack of evidence.

The researchers initially suspected that Diallo had orchestrated the attack on Hamraoui, with the intention of injuring her and being able to have more minutes of play.

However, this Monday the investigation turned to other leads, according to the French press.

Revenge for a possible extramarital affair is now gaining force as the main hypothesis of the aggression.

The mobile card of Hamraoui was in the name of Abidal, confirming, in the eyes of the researchers, a close relationship between the two, who coincided in Barcelona between 2018 and 2020, he as the club’s sports director and she as a footballer.

In addition, Hamraoui and Diallo, who witnessed the beatings, heard one of the assailants say: “So what happens? Are we sleeping with married men?” The victim would also have called Abidal shortly after the event.

According Le Monde, which cites sources from the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, Abidal will be questioned “soon” and does not rule out that the current woman, the 42-year-old ex-footballer, will also be summoned.

In statements to Le Parisien, the lawyer of Abidal, Olivier martinHe specified that his client has not yet been called and that if he is, “he will appear spontaneously and answer all the questions asked. He is neither directly nor indirectly linked to the aggression.”

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