Haaland, Pogba, Ibra, De Light… in the hands of Rafaela Pimienta thumbnail

Haaland, Pogba, Ibra, De Light… in the hands of Rafaela Pimienta

Raphaela Peppera Brazilian lawyer from São Paulo, worked for twenty years alongside Mino Raiola. From Italian he learned almost everything, but he always wanted to make clear the stamp of his character and personality. The right hand and partner of the agent who died last week It becomes the visible head, as reported by MARCA, of a company that kept its feet on the ground at all times and that never acquired a dimension beyond its possibilities, something very fashionable in today’s football.

Moreover, apart frome Rafaela and José Fortes, the Monaco-based company It has always had a very familiar identity, with the reference of Mino Raiola as the undisputed leader. In the last three years, the group has been joined by Enrica Tarchi, former Juve communication director for six yearsto which another fourteen in the press department should be added. Vincent Raiola, Mino’s cousin, he acted as a collaborator in recruiting and in the day to day of the players.

Rafaela and Mino complemented each other perfectly. The Brazilian is defined as tough and complicated when it comes to negotiating. If Mino was more vehement in his way of facing and trying to solve everything, Rafaela used discretion and silent work as an argument to achieve the challenges that Mino launched when it came to closing agreements, which seemed impossible and almost always ended up being closed.

Present in all negotiations and known by the big teams, the new visible head of the company that Raiola created in Haarlem, was the one that pushed the agent to try to bring together agents from all over the world andfight against FIFA in the highest body’s attempt to limit the power of the representatives.

In recent weeks, it has been in charge of moving forward with open negotiations with players of such weight in the current market as Haaland, Gravenbech, Pogba or Donnarumma. Now many of these players will come to depend on the wisdom and legal and football knowledge of a lawyer from Sao Paulo who is amply prepared thanks to the master’s degree done for years alongside Mino Raiola.

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