Granada penalizes again at the end and loses to Celta with a goal in the 94th minute thumbnail

Granada penalizes again at the end and loses to Celta with a goal in the 94th minute

Without victories and under the magnifying glass of a sector of the fans in a transition process that seems complicated, Robert Moreno covered up this Monday in Balaídos to relieve himself with a draw while waiting for better times. And he found defeat (1-0), once again, when he reached the goal. Cruel because Granada had just won the victory in the boots of Soro and Suárez, but not excessive if one considers that the team the former selector just dedicated himself to subtracting.

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Not only did he put on a Moreno coat to watch the game from the side, but he covered up soccer around two lines of four men to chase Celta, who kept the ball, but he took time to give fire to his icy display. Once again, for several minutes, he lacked depth and boldness to break lines. Coudet is concerned about the team’s drift, which is beginning to seem predictable, even though some movements in the eleven attract attention. For the second day in a row, the coach left Denis Suárez on the bench, one of those who usually turns on the light. At the beginning of the second half he was already on the field. Then he scored the winning goal.

The game needed another look, that of a very starter who came to know the bench, because Granada already seemed comfortable and willing to wait for its moment, a local error, a success of its own to fill a little more the deposit of faith. He almost found it at the end, in his second dangerous foray of the game, after Hugo Mallo relied on a defensive action and also left Soro against Dituro, who covered the goal to avoid the goal midway through the first half. Due to its own precautions or the inability to transit, the Granada was capped in attack.

He was able to change everything before the epilogue with a center to the area that seemed innocuous and in which the referee interpreted a push from Duarte to Santi Mina. Robert Moreno, saw the play on a tablet and despaired asking for the VAR to enter, but the only thing he got was a yellow card. Aspas missed the penalty because Maximiano, battered after colliding with Duarte and eventually both replaced, again showed that he is a goalkeeper to consider.

Everything ended up stuck, with constant interruptions and an extension of seven minutes that seemed brief and unleashed the protest of the stands. In the end there was time for everything, so that Granada could win and so that in the end, as it happened, they lost. He has already scored seven points in the game finals so far in the league.

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