From the win to the scare there was only one step thumbnail

From the win to the scare there was only one step

In the constant labyrinth in which he lives Real Madrid from Ancelotti where every night is debated between the path of ruin or that of excellence, before the Vallecano Ray he chose the second, although at times he flirted with disaster.

Direct, solid and aesthetic, the white box enjoyed the visit of a team, that of Iraola, which came like lightning but was sparked. Although yes, when it was molded to Bernabeu, was about to cause a blackout.

Thus, this scenario was used to highlight and raise their voices less common boots such as those of Marco Asensio or Camavinga. Both are right now the 12th player in Ancelotti while Hazard, the prime number, once again played an irrelevant role. Worrying his. And expensive.

Where does Vinicius sit?

But if the Hazard depresses madridismo, what Vinicius enthuses. Once again, the Brazilian showed once again that his confidence levels are through the roof and that right now he is capable of achieving everything he sets out to do as long as he dresses in white. Even in the basketball section of Pablo Laso.

And it is that with 21 years and coming from what is coming, nobody knows where to sit him: if at the table of the future or on the throne of the stars. What is clear is that you must already have a preferential site from where you decide the games and invent plays for the public to taste. Tonight was a goal interruptus in the purest style Leo Messi that, if he entered, he would have awakened the fans, lethargic among cranes and corporate tarpaulins.

A hobby that ended ‘awakening’ when The Falcao Tiger He entered the field, roared with a goal of his own, headed, and returned to the cage injured. All in the blink of an eye. However, that was a scare (of the fat people) and the Real Madrid went to the break with three more points and the feeling that, with which he is falling out there, in La Castellana it is not so bad.

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