Former Soccer Player Chris Kamara Feels A “fraud” Due To His Apraxia

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former footballer Chris Camara64, has had to step away from his job as commentator on a British television for his apraxia.

Kamara has stated feel like a fraud“. “I feel like I’m doing these shows and they’re not getting the best of me, but they’re putting up with me,” he shared in an interview.

British football fans have had Kamala as reference for his humility and way of narrating the matches. The announcement that it stopped counting live matches caused great commotion among the spectators and the sky chain He gave her a farewell “reserved for those who die”, according to Kamara.

The announcer is working to overcome the speech problem and has participated in two network programs as a co-host.

The apraxia is a neurological condition little known that affects the body’s ability to perform natural motor functionsand many patients develop problems with speech.

The former footballer played for Swindon Town, Leeds, among others. After several years as a coach he decided to concentrate on his career as a broadcaster. Kamara has been one of the most valued commentators on the PremierLeague.

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