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FIFA focuses on Amaiur Sarriegi

Amaiur Sarregi is in fashion. Her goals at Real and her extraordinary game against the Faroe Islands, in which she scored four goals, have the Donostia player in the spotlight. So much so that FIFA, on its website, has interviewed the txuri urdin who recounted her impressions of that last match and reviews some aspects of her life.

Sarriegi highlights that after his goal poker he received many messages: “I have not tried to count them, but there are still many to which I have not even responded,” he says. “The messages from my family and friends were the ones that I liked the most and it was a pleasure to read them. They all said that I deserved it for all the work I have done.”

Of his four goals, he highlighted the first and fourth: “In the first goal, which came from a center, it was quite far away, so I had to adjust my technique, using my body and neck to generate the necessary power to beat the goalkeeper. I also enjoyed the fourth goal, because I made a good play with Alexia, who gave me back a great ball to finish off the play ”.

He took as a souvenir the match ball for which he has a special place reserved for him: “I will have to let the air out before getting it on the plane, but when I inflate it again, I will call my teammates to sign it and put it in a showcase at home, “he explained.

“The fact that I have scored four goals does not make me the star player,” she makes clear. “The important thing is that they recognize me, especially the young girls. Maybe I’m someone they look up to, which is always good because that will help women’s football and teams and clubs will reach the next level. “

And after pointing to Irene Paredes as a model to look at, Amaiur recounted how he tries to combine his teaching studies with football: “I take my courses online and I know how to manage my time. In addition to playing, young women should find something else that they like, because although women’s football is growing and salaries are increasing, they will probably have to dedicate themselves to something else when they stop playing. “

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