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Fierce criticism of Bruno Fernandes: “He is the worst partner of all”

The unfortunate performance of Manchester United this weekend is still bringing queue. The Mancunian set fell resoundingly against Brentford 4-0with all the goals conceded in the first half, something that has unleashed the anger of the fans and criticism from the environment.

After the usual scourge of Phil Neville and Rio FerdinandGabriel Agbonlahor, a former Premier soccer player, pointed out that one of the main people responsible for Bruno Fernandes in a chat on TalkSport.

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“Bruno Fernandes has great numbers but he is the worst partner of all. Every time a player or himself loses the ball, he raises his arms to his teammates or the bench. I have played with players like him. He would have you fuming every day. He presses from time to time. If it were Pogba they would be slaughtering him every day”, indicated Agbonlahor.

The Englishman lamented that Bruno always gets rid of criticism when there is a debacle. “Fernandes always gets away with it. Did you see him do something? It’s easy to say Maguire, Cristiano, Rashford and Sancho. I don’t remember the last time Bruno Fernandes played a decent match. He’s always the one gesturing with his arms. Even when he gives it away. He could pass it to you being offside and he would blame you. That’s the kind of player Bruno Fernandes is. Worst possible teammate,” he said.

The truth is that Manchester United has lost the first two games in the Premier and is in last position. Bruno played the 90 minutes in both matcheswith a balance without goals or assists.

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