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FC Barcelona: The Keys Of Cádiz-Barça, By Lobo Carrasco

1. The sacred work without the ball

Who loosens up, leaves the field. It should not sound like a threat but rather a requirement for all the components of the Barça squad. Xavi He must have difficulty when making the eleven but feeling that, with one or the other, he will not be wrong.

FC Barcelona arrives in Cádiz to ‘fish’ 3 points in the local sea of ​​doubts. those of Sergio Gonzalez They have poor numbers at the back and empty numbers at the front. Observing the Andalusian team, the problem is centered on the players in charge of the midfield because they do not dominate the matches even playing at the Nuevo Mirandilla. Result, they penalize central defenders and forwards. Obvious imbalance.

In this situation, I do not rule out a change of system with the intention of recharging the Cadista midfield and, at the same time, protecting the extremely agile Ledesma with more legs. The high pressure of the hosts I wait for it when Ter Stegen have to take the goal kick. My only doubt is: where will the local coach want to ‘tighten’ Barça? He has to risk to try to score first but I’m sure Xavi he will want to place his players in the cadista field. Pressure and football.

2. Outstanding debt

It is surprising to face the bad dynamics of the yellow team with the previous matches between Barça and Cádiz. The Blaugrana team got stuck in the face of the latest approaches -conservative and counterattack- and that pending debt can be collected. Enough already!

To unravel the game, Barça mode, work without fail and quickly deliver the ball to the wingers. Zaldua has less defense than the pacha hawthorn but surely the two will have help as long as Barça grants time for the rival restructuring. Inside there is uncertainty despite the will to Luis Hernandez (keep an eye on the strategy with its powerful throw-ins) and chust. That can punish you Lewandowski Yes Pedri, Gavi, Busquets (DeJong) serve the internal pass to uncheck the Pole.

Yes Sergio revolutionizes the eleven, can put Fali with Joseph Mari either Faith (to strengthen inside) and play with the speed of Nephew either Lucas Perez on point. With one or the other, with the stadium full and even with Magical Gonzalez in the box, it’s Barça’s moment.

3. Jump on the bandwagon

They finally get on the list Junior Frames Y bellerin. They are wingers with offensive momentum but with a different defensive value. While the youth squad has specialized in playing outside, Marcos can even do it as a center back. He learned to defend in Calcio and the Premier and that rounded out his natural offensive quality. Eager to see how much the two uploaded to football evolve from Xavi. Ah, if there is a left foot fault, there you have the Junior Pigeon.

Returning to the pitch, one of the virtues of this new Barça is that it has two key positions well covered: the central back and the wingers. Inside, give it to Robert Lewandowski and all to add offensive speed. Dribbling, unchecking, centers and pressure after loss. Serious in the back, fun in the front.

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