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European Super Cup | The abysmal differences in data between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt

The real Madrid reaches the European Super Cup this Wednesday against Eintracht Frankfurt as the clear favorite to lift the title, which would be the fifth in its entire history.

Without taking into account the sporting level, in which the Germans arrive very touched after having started the Bundesliga receiving a scandalous win against the Bayern Munich (1-6), the differences between the two clubs at a structural level are absolutely notorious.

Starting with the template. The real Madrid, full of stars, has one of the most expensive teams in the world, how could it be otherwise. According to Transfermarkt, a portal specialized in market affairs, the Spanish team is the sixth with the highest valuation in the world: €834.5 million, only surpassed by Manchester City (1,010), PSG (943.1), Bayern (870.2), Liverpool (870) and Chelsea (866, 7). Some numbers that contrast absolutely with those of the current champion of the Europa League. You have to go down to the 47th position to find the Eintrachtwith a staff valuation of 246 ‘kilos’, almost 600 million difference between them.

This fact is also reflected in terms of transfers and what each entity aspires to. Meanwhile he Madrid historically it is one of the clubs that has left the most money to bring stars to its team, it has the most expensive expenditure in its entire history to Eden Hazard, for which he paid 115 million euros. Interestingly, at Eintracht, the most expensive signing is Luka Jovićfor which they paid 22.3 million and then sold it to their rival on Wednesday for no less than 63, also the most expensive sale in its history.

Without going any further, to show the great differences between them, it is easier to compare the three most valued players of each of the templates:

Vinicius, before the Clásico


Vinicius Jr.

The Brazilian is, for Transfermarkt, the player who has the most value within Real Madrid, where Benzema or Modric have a lower value given their age. Vinicius is valued at 100 million euros after exploding this past season and becoming undisputed.

Valverde, with a commemorative shirt of his 100 league games with Madrid


Faith Valverde

real Madrid

Although he is not yet the undisputed starter, he is not far from it. Valverde is valued at 70 million euros at 24 years old and his presence is so capital that the ideal eleven of the Champions League final included him. On big dates he never fails.



Courtois, Militao, Tchouameni and Rodrygo

real Madrid

These four footballers stand at the 60 million barrier. By importance, without a doubt, the Belgian goalkeeper is the most prominent among all these names due to his weight within the team.

Evan Ndicka (22), central defender for Eintracht Frankfurt


Evan Ndicka


The great project of Eintracht Frankfurt is 22 years old and has a value of no less than 32 million euros. A pasture that within the Real Madrid squad would be diluted and would not even enter the top 13 in terms of valuation.

Kostic and Pavard, during Friday's game


Philip Kostic


Little left in the team for Filip Kostic. He is the second with the highest valuation of the squad with 24 million euros and last season he got out of it thanks to his impeccable left foot. Juventus seem to be able to sign him even before the match.



Kamada and Sow


In the core we find Kamada and Sow, a couple of footballers who are important for Eintracht and who, in addition, have the same valuation: 22 million euros.

Eintracht, younger and taller

You won’t win at all real Madrid. Although he has nothing to say on the financial side, Eintracht has its small victories in squad building and can try to take advantage of it in the European Super Cup.

The first, and which may be more differential, is a matter of centimeters. The German painting has an average height of 1.83cmwhich in strategy can be fundamental since the Madrid stays in the 1.81. In fact, the Eintrachtof all his players, he only has four who do not exceed 1.80, so the game can be decided in the air.

Also by lungs. Although it is true that the real Madrid seems to have the key to success with a squad that mixes experience with youth, with an average age of 27.2 yearsis still above the Frankfurt (25), who will have young legs to print the pace that already surprised him at the Camp Nou and could also do so in Helsinki. A curious fact, however, is that, although the Germans have a greater number of young players, among their ranks is Hasebe who, at 38, is the oldest footballer between the two squads since he is at Real Madrid Modric with 36.

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