Eric García and the virtues to be central in Barça thumbnail

Eric García and the virtues to be central in Barça

The Barça goes out to expulsion by displacement. Three games, three red. Since there is an audience in the stands, the referees are once again influenced by the shouting. A) Yes, From Cerro Grande he was wrong to expel De Jong -the good one- in Cádiz. However, the two expulsions that Eric García has already suffered are more than fair. And, in both, for having to tackle a striker who is going by force or speed. Eric, whom Pep Guardiola saw from behind Rúben Dias, Laporte, Stones and Aké At City, he has three great virtues: placement, ball delivery (with a strong and vertical pass, capable of breaking lines) and serenity so that he does not burn the ball at his feet. But are they enough virtues to be central in Barça? Especially because we have already detected that the body and speed are two of its gaps, which despite being only 20 years old, it will hardly be able to improve. These are two characteristics that you either have or you don’t have. And the brothers Williams they left him portrayed in San Mamés and Darwin Nunez did what he wanted with him, to the point that Koeman, in minute 8 and already 1-0, had to switch from side to Eric and Araujo to try to stop the courageous forward. Eric He is humble, learns from mistakes and has come to succeed at Barça. But let no one be surprised that, soon, he does it as a defensive midfielder. Maybe it would be his position.

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