El Tropezón and Burgos Promesas tie one at the Municipal de Santa Ana thumbnail

El Tropezón and Burgos Promesas tie one at the Municipal de Santa Ana

El Tropezón and Burgos Promesas tied one in the match held this Sunday at the Municipal de Santa Ana. El Tropezón faced the match with the intention of recovering their score in the standings after suffering a 2-1 defeat in the previous match. against Arenas de Getxo and at the moment had a streak of three consecutive defeats. On the visitors’ side, Burgos Promesas lost 0-1 in their last game against Izarra. After the game, the tango team is sixteenth after the end of the match, while Burgos Promesas is eleventh.

The first part of the confrontation began in a favorable way for the local team, who released the light thanks to a goal from Pepin in the 17th minute. After this, the first half ended with a score of 1-0.

After the halfway point of the match, in the second half came the goal for the Burgos team, who got the tie with a goal from Barahona in the 61st minute, thus ending the duel with a final score of 1-1.

In the chapter on changes, the Tropezón footballers who entered the game were Perujo, Mario García and Jorge Merino replacing Javier Gutiérrez, Juan Fresno and Pepin, while the changes from Burgos Promesas were Abad, Montes, Gil and Pol Bassa , who entered to replace Pineda, Sahuquillo, Gabri and Dani Burgos.

The referee of the match showed seven yellow cards. Of the two teams, Sergio Pérez, Alex Diaz, Mario García and Higuera from the local team and Sergio, Gabri and Paco Puertas from the visiting team were booked with a yellow card.

With this tie, the Tropezón was placed in the sixteenth position of the table with seven points. For its part, Burgos Promesas with this point remained in eleventh position with 14 points at the end of the match.

On the next day of the competition, Tropezón will play Racing Rioja away from home, while Burgos Promesas will face Laredo in their stadium.

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