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De Marcos: “The team has more ambition this season”

Oscar de Marcos This morning he revealed some of the positive changes that Athletic has undergone this season. The rojiblancos come from a painful defeat against Cádiz in San Mamés, but they are one point behind the European positions as a result of a good first phase of LaLiga 2021-22. “I think the team has more ambition, we have taken a step forward in this regard. We have gone to any field against any rival and we have always competed from you to you. With humility, but facing every game with the idea of ​​winning. I think this step forward has been good for us, except for the last game against Cádiz, this must be emphasized. But I think we have to forget it and be the team that we have been since July until the last day, “he said in the Lezama press room.

“We have to repeat the performances we have done away from home, that of Espayol and that of Real”

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The lions have had time in this break to analyze the mistakes made against the Andalusians. “It is true that it was a bad game on our part, sometimes you think if the break is the best way to correct or if it is better that the next game come soon, but in this case there has been time to see the errors and try to correct them and that on Friday we face the game with the idea of ​​going for the three points and trying to be the team that we have been for many months ”, he pointed out regarding the meeting against the granotas at the Ciutat de València.

What is the analysis of the locker room of the defeat against the Alvaro Cervera? “It is difficult to explain. I saw it in the field, it is true that we were not well. By scoring a goal early we played too much haste to try to win that game. We knew it was very important, that it hooked us to the area above. We had a very good few months. Perhaps this led us to precipitation and prevented us from being the team that we had been ”, he explained.

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Now what it is about is to recover the competitive pulse in the commitment against the Valencian team, the only one who has not won in First. “I think that nowadays it is very difficult to win in any stadium. It is clear that now they are in great need. We have also lived through difficult moments and when you are in a moment like this depends on how the opponent faces the game. We have to focus on ourselves, know that it is a very important game and go with the idea of ​​adding the three points, of repeating the performances we have done away from home, that of Espayol and that of Real. Being that team there will be options to achieve the three points ”.

“If we do things like these past months we can be in the top positions. It will depend on us”

Then there will be another two games against opponents from the lower zone, a good moment to add. “A priori they are teams that are not at their best, we have to face these three games with respect but trying to be the team we are being. If we do things like these past months we can be in the top positions, get hooked on the upper zone, it will depend on us ”, he added.

The European objective demands to win again. “We are still a third of the competition, we have to wait. To achieve a European position, which is what we are looking for, we must not disengage, we must have good dynamics for a long period of time. Until the Cádiz party we had them. The team was in good numbers. We must return to that dynamic ”, he reiterated.

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