Claudia Zornoza: “We can beat Barça, we have a great team” thumbnail

Claudia Zornoza: “We can beat Barça, we have a great team”

Claudia Zornoza is one of the stars of the female Real Madrid. The player has been honest in an interview with New Balance, a brand with which she has been linked for six seasons, to talk about the ‘Clásico’ against Real Madrid: “It’s clear that both teams will go all out to win the game,” said the player, who assures that her team has a real chance of eliminating Barça in these quarter-finals of the Champions League.

As to whether he feels like a role model, he maintains that “it’s a source of pride for me. It’s very nice to finish games and see boys and girls in the stands waiting for you to sign an autograph or give them your shirt. Being in the Real Madrid makes you have this type of situation every day and that we are a reference for the little ones”.

“It’s rare to find someone who wears your name on a shirt (laughs). But I would say that you feel very excited and proud,” he adds. About the current season Real Madridexplains that “this season has been really motivating, I am very happy and very comfortable at this club. Without a doubt, I have made the best decision and I go there every day trying to learn more. I think all the players know where we are and what we have to give 100% for the club”.

The Real Madrid player Claudia Zornoza disputes the ball against Iris Arnaiz

JuanJo Martin / EFE

Special illusion makes him the eliminatory against the Barcelona, especially after the good image offered in the Super Cup against the Barça rival. In this way, Zornoza It is clear: “Do we see ourselves winning? Yes, why not? They are a great team and so are we. The quarter-finals are a motivation for both teams and it is clear that we will go all out to win the game”.

On the return leg, she states that “for us it is very nice to be able to play in a stadium like the Camp Nou. I really take it as a very motivating game and we will try to give our best… We had the opportunity to play in Paris, in the Parc des Princes. I think it will be very beautiful and very special. In the end, having so many people waiting for a match is exciting and beautiful for women’s football, so that people can watch it on television and have a lot of visibility”.

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