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City rule at Stamford Bridge

The reunion of the finalists of the last Champions League was resolved 0-1 in favor of Manchester City. The Porto losers dominated the game until they took over the home of Chelsea, European champions but unable to control anything but their own area this Saturday at noon in London. Locked up with no other response than the bossy Azpilicueta’s call to resistance, if Tuchel’s team was not swept away with goals it was because his rival is not so fine either. Gabriel Jesús’ goal, rebounding from a corner, rewarded the most courageous and organized team after a duel that exhibited more deficiency than opulence in the tiring dawn of a season marked by the saturation of the calendar. The physical waste was unquestionable. The football thicket too.

Pep Guardiola stood up in front of the bench and threw the bottle of water in his hands against the grass. The 0-1 had opened the spaces and in the course of the second half the teams exchanged plays towards one goal and the other when Kevin de Bruyne rushed to counterattack. Without waiting for the Chelsea defense to put pressure on him and unravel, the Belgian opened the game for Grealish. The ball was intercepted by Azpilicueta and the counter-counterattack ended in an uproar in Ederson’s area to the chagrin of Guardiola, furious with the lack of lucidity of the man who was supposed to lead his team in the decisive meters.

De Bruyne’s stiffness, wide, red and sweaty after a period out, summed up City’s troubles at Stamford Bridge. Putting pressure on the rival field, the Manchester team made a tireless and methodical display from which none of their figures escaped. All, De Bruyne first, came to harass Chelsea’s ball out when Jorginho, Kanté and Kovacic tried to spin those pre-made passes designed to quickly connect with Lukaku. In those things, the things that depend on training, City were brilliant. In the decisions of the players that are largely satisfied by their nature, the game got stuck. Foden was slow and unimaginative in his initiatives; Grealish asked for them all but improvised too much and incurred more touches than necessary; Cancelo displayed all his plumage on the left wing, more striking than effective; and on the right Gabriel Jesús did not enjoy the vision necessary to print clarity in the plays. The consequence was that City beat Chelsea in the pressure, well led by Rodri, but once he recovered the ball he failed to give him the speed of movement necessary to break the meticulous defensive network that Tuchel has built in front of his goal.

If there is a block capable of tipping 90 minutes without disarming, that is the Chelsea of ​​Jorginho and Kanté, two insurmountable pressure cores when the rival moves the ball without the appropriate speed and rhythm. In the ability to close spaces that his two pivots show, Tuchel took refuge to prepare another trap. Thus they could endure hours retracted and dominated, if with a little luck they managed to minimize the risks of so much speculation. Gabriel Jesús to pass from Grealish had the first chance. He scrambled at the penalty spot against Rüdiger, beastly in pursuit, and shot wide.

Gabriel Jesús may not be the brightest of playmakers, but he’s stubborn. I do not stop. He was not intimidated by Rüdiger. He suffered blows of all kinds. Until in the 53rd minute, at the exit of a corner, Cancelo shot from outside the area and he picked up the rebound. He held the ball against Rüdiger and Jorginho, turned and finished. On the rebound, the ball went to the post furthest from Mendy. The 0-1 was a reward for his audacity and that of his team, always dominant at Stanford Bridge in front of crowded stands of expectant fans. After the long wait for the pandemic, fans blues They have returned home with a brand new Champions, only to find that the successful team they saw on TV is more boring when they see it in person.

Manchester United, 0; Aston Villa, 1

The victory of City, who this Tuesday visits Paris to face PSG, elevates them to second position in the Premier table after the sixth day. Guardiola’s team has 13 points, one less than Liverpool, which climbed to the lead after drawing 3-3 with Brentford.

Also with 13 points and relegated to fourth place is behind Manchester United, who was unable to storm the wall of Aston Villa at Old Trafford. Villa took the lead in the 88th minute from set pieces, thanks to their central Hause, and took all three points after taking 28 shots and replying with seven.

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