Carvajal: “We cannot leave anything in the pipeline to try to win” thumbnail

Carvajal: “We cannot leave anything in the pipeline to try to win”

Dani carvajal, side of the Spanish selection and from Real Madrid, he addressed the media at the press conference prior to tomorrow’s game against Greece on Athens Classification for the Qatar World Cup 2022. The defender recognized the capital importance of the duel against the key team, as a stumble would open wide the doors of the play-off.

“Experience is going to be an important factor, intensity, self-confidence, many factors must be mastered to win against Greece. It will be difficult for us to move them and get them out of their place. It will be difficult, we must take out all possible weapons to try to open that wall and score a goal, “Carvajal explained. “The advice is to go for the game from the opening whistle. We do not have to measure efforts, for that we are 25. We can not leave anything in the pipeline to try to win,” he added.


The Real Madrid side returns to a call-up after being dropped in the last appointments due to different injuries. “It seemed like it was my first call-up. I am enjoying every training session, every meal … it is very special to come here. I have not been able to play all the games I would have wanted with Spain.” “It is an atypical situation. We need to win yes or yes. Everything to go through to win tomorrow. The play-off would be very tough and very difficult and we will try to avoid it by all means,” he said.

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On the pressure, the Real Madrid player assured that it is something positive. “The pressure to reach the goals is good, it’s fantastic. You have to see it that way for tomorrow’s game.”

“Spain has an obligation to win every game. It is the goal when we put on this shirt. Trying to win is the only goal we set for ourselves from the group.”

On his return, Carvajal sees a very different group compared to recent years. “The group is fantastic. You breathe a very healthy group, everyone contributes whether they are inside or outside and that is essential to achieve the objectives.”


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