Carlos returns to the infirmary

Trouble Imanol Sheriff. La Real has confirmed in a medical report the injury to the left femoral biceps that Carlos Fernandez suffered in training on Saturday. This prevented him from being part of the squad for the match against Cádiz and will separate him from the dispute in the next games. La Real runs into a real problem because they only have one specific center forward, who is Isaacin the first squad, since he was counting on being able to count on the Andalusian normally.

In the medical part of Carlos Fernandezthe txuri urdin club explains that “during training on Saturday (2022-08-13) he suffered an injury to his left biceps femoris. He has begun to be treated with physiotherapy and to work individually under supervision. He will gradually resume his usual activities and structured according to the characteristics of the injury and the evolution of the symptoms”.

Fernandez He carried out the preseason with a certain normality, although he was dosed in a friendly, and Imanol was counting on him for the start of the season after a blank year due to his serious knee injury.

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