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Camavinga, The Physicist Of Real Madrid

“Choosing is like betting. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The Real Madrid coach made a good bet today.” Carlo Ancelotti after the victory against Espanyol (1-3). The Real Madrid coach did not stop there and did not hesitate to acknowledge that “we won the game because we had more energy on the pitch than the rival”.

And that energy of Real Madrid was reflected in Camavinga. The French player is Carlo Ancelotti’s ace up his sleeve to revolutionize a game and that’s what he did against Espanyol. The Italian opted for the speed of Rodrygo and the energy of Camavinga to turn the duel against Espanyol into a street runner and he was right. The parakeet team fell into the white team’s trap by entering that two-way game and ended up losing, even if it was at the last minute.

There, in that context, that of a crazy party, without tactical rigidity and all launched on the attack, Camavinga He is like a fish in water. The Frenchman has impressive physical power and every time he went on the attack, he dismantled Espanyol with his strength and speed.

Real Madrid have started very strong physically this season and it has been seen in the four official matches they have played. The work of Pintus It is giving very good results, as it did last season. Especially in the Champions League, where Real Madrid finished much more whole than their rivals in the comebacks at the Bernabéu. That physical strength is one of the secrets of this Real Madrid and what Camavinga did against Espanyol was the best example.

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