Bilek: ‘When Lewandowski Enters The Box You Can’t Defend Him’

Michael Bilek returned to the Camp Nou 31 years after losing 4-2 as a midfielder for Betis (League 1990-91) and repeated defeat as coach of Victoria Plzen, this time more bulky: 5-1. “The quality of FC Barcelona it is incomparable. You can’t say anything with such a result,” he lamented.

The Czech coach explained that “we already knew that they were going to put a lot of pressure on. My players have worked a lot, they have given their all, I am proud of them. Until 2-1 we held on, but 3-1 was a blow”.

In any case, he said that “we are very excited to play in this group against FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. Being in the group stage is something that no one expected of us and we already knew it would be difficult.”

About Robert Lewandowskiwho scored three goals against Viktoria Pilsen, considered that “he is a very good player, one of the best strikers in the world and today he has shown it again. When he enters the box you cannot defend him”.

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