Bergantiños beat Marino Luanco and get the three points (0-1) thumbnail

Bergantiños beat Marino Luanco and get the three points (0-1)

Bergantiños added three points to their locker after winning 0-1 against Marino Luanco this Sunday at the Municipal Stadium of Miramar. Marino Luanco arrived wanting to return to the path of victory after losing the last game against Leganés B by a score of 3-0. On the visitors’ side, Bergantiños had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Arenteiro. After the game, the Luanquín team is sixteenth at the end of the match, while Bergantiños is fourth.

In the first half, neither team was right in the face of the goal, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same 0-0 result.

The second half started in a favorable way for the Carballés team, who opened their scoring with a goal from Martín Lamelas in the 51st minute. Finally, the confrontation ended with a 0-1 in the light.

The coaches of both teams decided to use all available changes. Sergio Ríos, Adolfo González, Steven Prieto, Omar and Guille Pinín entered Marino Luanco to replace César, Morilla, Nino, Borja Álvarez and Nacho Matador, while Bergantiños gave entry to Uzal, Marcos Remeseiro, Boedo, Anton Escobar and Cavafe by Charly, Chapu Brunet, Martín Lamelas, Uxío and Antón.

A total of three yellow cards and one red card were seen in the match. The locals showed a yellow card to Guaya and Guille Pinín, while the visiting team received a yellow card for Jorge Cano and a red card for Iago (2 yellows).

With this result, Marino Luanco is left with seven points and Bergantiños get 17 points after winning the match.

On the following day, Manel Menéndez’s team will face Arenteiro, while José Luis Lemos Ameneiro’s Bergantiños will face Ud Llanera.

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