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Barcelona Overwhelms Sevilla At A Gallop

Barcelona runs to escape from indifference, from the economic and moral ruin to which it was dragged after touching the sky in Berlin. Run to leave behind those who can no longer keep up (Pique, Jordi Alba), and to clean up a track where the disturbing rhythm is marked by the adolescent irreverence of GaviNo Busquets. Run because it’s the only way that football’s dying Dembele make sense, and because romanticism must give way to ardor, to the raw need to find someone as soon as possible. Lewandowski. Barcelona runs because the goal, now more than ever, relieves him. It excites you. And gives him life.

The team built by the president Joan Laporta at the blow of a lever it passed like a cyclone through Pizjuán, where a Seville lives that has buried the outburst to surrender to discouragement. A team that has ended up being the mirror of his coach, a Julen Lopetegui of minimized template, delivered to the episodic arabesques of Isco, and to whom the tactical pirouettes (a midfield of four in a diamond) no longer get out of the quagmire. Not even the 20 good minutes with which he appeared at night redeem the Seville group, canceled first by the revitalized Ter Stegen and later surpassed by the monumental punch of his rival. Sevilla have added one point out of 12.

Xavi’s homilies help to interpret a story as complex as that of this Barcelona, ​​pompous and dangerous in the field, daring in the offices. The coach, once a transfer market was closed in which a good part of the shortcomings of the squad have been covered -he only missed the signing of Bernard Silva-, now faces the popular soccer court without alibis. “They have not made a template for me, but for Barça,” stressed, just in case, a coach who now manages the abundance.

Koundé in front of Rakitic.
Koundé in front of Rakitic.JULY MUÑOZEFE

For now, Xavi did not have to use his two new full-backs (bellerin Y Mark Alonso they were not called up yet) and chose to enlist from the start the footballers who have best responded to him at the start of the course. Piqué and Jordi Alba, whose future is more than bleak, continued screwed to the bench along with Frankie de Jong. raphinha and Dembélé are still ahead of Fernando Torres Y ansu. While Koundé, on his return to Pizjuán, appeared again as a right back despite the fact that his influence went much further, stabilizing Eric Garcia in the center of the rear next to Araujo. The plan came out of fable.

After Ter Stegen saved duels against Rakitic Y En-Nesyri, both darned by Isco, Barcelona were convinced that they had to move away from the center of the field and get closer to the rival area as soon as possible. The first Barça transition, which was born after Gavi robbed lick it, concluded on the net. Dembélé did not stop until he found Lewandowski. The Pole opted for a nice, sweet hit, but that fell short. Ferdinand He got it out as best he could at the border, but Raphinha, attentive and intelligent, clinched at will. That’s where Lopetegui’s Sevilla ended the night.

Lewandowski had to keep the fly behind his ear, and he did not forgive in the second one he had. It was Koundé, from the right bank, who showed the benefits of his right loot in a precise assistance towards the large body of the Pole. Lewandowski turned difficulty into routine. He controlled with his chest and, on the half turn, he caught his fifth goal in four games. He is already the top scorer in the championship along with Iago Aspas.

The stands point to Lopetegui

Sevilla began to wander the field before the growing nervousness of a stand that points to their coach, powerless before the twilight of a team that has lost the personality offered by its former central partner: Diego Carlos-Koundé. The latter, freed from the shackles of registration, has become an essential footballer for Xavi’s plans. The French defender allowed himself the luxury of missing a header on goal, but also scoring his second assist of the night, already in the second half.

After a short corner in which Dembélé and Raphinha once again showed off their winger connection, Koundé rose to give the goal on a plate to Eric García, whose ownership few can doubt. However, he had to leave the field early due to injury.

Nothing mattered because the night had been more than resolved. Lewandowski sniffed out another goal that neither De Jong, rehabilitated, could reach. It was time for substitutes.

This Barcelona, ​​now, has plenty of time. Because it goes very fast. Because the past hurts. Because the present is pressing.

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