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Barcelona | Litmanen: ‘Any team would like to have a player like Lewandowski’

Jari LitmannFinnish football legend and former player, among other clubs, of FC Barcelonaexpressed his confidence that the Barça team will recover its brilliance this season and praised the signing of Robert Lewandowski for being a crack that “any team would like to have”.


The Finn Jari Litmanen, in his brief stint at Barça Photo Pere Puntí

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The legendary 51-year-old former footballer spoke to radio brand at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, in the run-up to the European Super Cup final that faces Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday August. “He has made a very good squad and we expect a great Barça this season,” said Litmanen. In his brief reflection, the former midfielder admitted to being aware that “economically there have been difficulties”, but was glad that he “has the money for signings like Lewandowski’s”. “Any team would like to have a player like him,” he stressed.

Litmanen belonged to Barça for just over a season, from 1999 to 2001, and his burden was injuries, which also haunted him during his subsequent time at Liverpool. His most splendid period was at Ajax, which won the 1995 European Cup with louis van gaal coach, who was the one who asked for his transfer to Barça when he was already managing the Barça team.

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