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Barcelona Has A Remedy

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Barcelona has a remedy because there are few strikers in the world like Robert Lewandowski, a footballer who makes goals an understandable art. And why to Frankie de Jongfirst misplaced, then despised, has plenty of talent to lead a team that squirms every time he thinks of the twilight of Busquets. The technician Xavi Hernandez He showed that all dogma can be corrected. When the rope tightens, the air must flow wherever it is. So he repaired his team, he called for patience and, finally, he managed to make the victory the consequence, not the goal. [Narración y estadísticas (3-0)]

Incomprehensible was the attitude with which Unai Emery He made his footballers play. The Gipuzkoan coach, who experienced one of the toughest days of his professional career when he sent PSG to the Camp Nou slaughterhouse the night that Sergio Robert He worked the miracle (6-1), he must have forgotten that this Barcelona arrived badly injured at the meeting. With his hands in his pockets, and before Barcelona began to score goals like someone who takes the spark out of a lighter (three in seven minutes), he looked very happy with his plan. It was none other than to defend in the last 30 meters, forcing jackson Y Danjumatheir forwards, will arrive suffocated in the area of Ter Stegen every time they found a con. The doorman spent an hour and a half whistling.

It was also necessary to look for answers to the setback in Castellón in the authoritarian calm of a Barcelona that Xavi Hernández repaired using common sense. Eric Garciabeaten so many times in duels and singled out for his mistake at the Bernabéu, stayed on the bench so that Mark Alonso acted as center The Madrilenian, who started a bit nervous, was helped by the temper of Koundé. A Jordi Albawhich relieved Alexander Balde, he was finally seen loose. While Fernando Torres Y Ansu Fati They continued with the good dynamics shown during the time they played in the classic. Ferran opened up to the band, and Ansu got inside. His presence, in any case, limited that chaotic and end-of-course football Dembele Y raphinha, who ended up paying for the latest landslides (Real Madrid and Inter) of a team that lived well away from the extremes. Both came out at the end, and the Brazilian still had time to miss a goal.

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Gerard Piqué.

Received with whistles by the Camp Nou after entering as a substitute

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Received with whistles by the Camp Nou after entering as a substitute

Although there was no change as decisive as that of Frenkie de Jong for Sergio Busquets as a midfielder. The Dutchman stole balls, kept his position, ran backwards as well as forwards, and, above all, gave confidence to his teammates. Given the deployment of De Jong, perhaps the excuses for the presence of Busquets to be the norm are over, especially in transcendental and highly demanding duels.

Although Ansu had to shoot endless times to find his goal -he caught the third after correcting a mistake on the goal line with the spur-, Lewandowski did not need more than to breathe. The goal with which the striker opened the match mixed class, plasticity, craft and routine. One of those actions that only special footballers are capable of executing without ending up in ridicule.

scratching the supernatural

Pedri opened Villarreal’s defense channel in search of Alba. What came next bordered on the supernatural. Lewandowski knocked the two center backs and the goalkeeper to the ground with a spinning heel control. Demolished Albiol Y Paul Torresand with the goalkeeper Rulli overwhelmed, the battering ram only had to score an empty goal.

The Camp Nou was still applauding when the Pole took advantage of Equal was not able to placate the nirvana of Gavi. Nobody covered Lewandowski to the left of him, who was able to stop time to do what he wanted. A couple of touches were the prelude to a caress to the ball, which did not stop turning until it slipped through the top corner. The former Bayern striker has scored 16 of Barcelona’s 31 goals this season. The good fortune of the team is still tied to their boots. Ansu, immediately after, settled the matter after Ferran Torres liked himself with a couple of breaks.

Once the job was done, Emery could start looking for answers on the bench. Neither did he change the dynamics, nor did his new pieces take advantage of the fact that the Catalans began to slow down until they stopped.

Pique He went out at sunset to listen to the whistles of his fans. The Camp Nou got tired of looking back.

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