Barcelona, ​​between a technical bridge or the final thumbnail

Barcelona, ​​between a technical bridge or the final

The sports management of the FC Barcelona, in direct contact with Joan Laporta and also with the financial managers of the club because it is a very complex decision, he is faced with a huge dilemma regarding the coach who must occupy the bench that he can leave free Ronald Koeman soon. The main question is to choose a technician who will act as a bridge until the arrival of the person who is really entrusted with a long-term project or to hire that definitive figure already.

The pros and cons are being debated. It is a decision that can mark the future of the club and you do not want to make a hot decision. In addition, the arrival of a definitive technician with a long contract can be a risk for Joan Laporta because it would be a government measure that would already be computed under his presidency, it would not be an inheritance acquired as is now the case with Ronald Koeman, signed at the end of the turbulent 2019-20 season as a substitute for Quique Setien by the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Another problem is that now not all the technicians who like with the ‘definitive’ profile are within reach. Normally, those who generate consensus for their sporting ideas, their emotional vitality to mentally lift a ‘touched’ squad and their ability to manage groups are currently working in other top-level clubs.

Nor is it easy, if you bet on the interim position, that a ‘bridge’ technician now agrees to come only for nine months, until June 30, 2022, knowing that he will not stay, to which we must add the noise that is it would generate during that time with the ‘first sword’ that would arrive on July 1, 2022. It can be a difficult situation to handle.

There is a way that this passing coach will end up staying, but not as head coach, but with a position in the technical organization chart. Perhaps someone with more experience would fit into that profile who would see this solution favorably.

And the possibility that the interim coach is from the house is also contemplated, but it is understood with concern that that would be risky because they are coaches who have little name and who could be ‘burned’ in a few weeks both by the internal pressure in the dressing room (players who do not believe in them) and the external in a position of such responsibility.

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