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Barça should not become the Club of excuses

When Rexach he kicked a corner badly and had a habit of looking at his boot. As if a piece of grass tangled in the studs had caused that mistake. It was never his fault and that was what he implied in front of the stands. At Barça 2021-22, one begins to be astonished to see that the blame is always someone else’s. Laporta he told us that Messi I couldn’t go on because of Bartomeu and of Thebes. Then the own Jaume roures denied that the march of Leo it was for economic reasons. the vice president Eduard Romeu, in line with the President’s videos, asked the fans for two years of patience but Laporta, Yuste and Alemany They are the first to make summits in the early morning with each misstep of the team. And then there is Koeman that, only in the face of danger, without Messi neither Griezmann, has gone from sincere to desnortado. His “is what there is” was one of resignation unworthy of the Club. In Lisbon he censored Eric for defending the first goal badly, to Frenkie De Jong for not taking advantage of their arrivals to the area, the staff for not having a right winger in conditions “beyond Yusuf demir which is a promise ”. His exercise of realism goes through criticizing the referees or the making of the squad, while self-criticism is as absent as his idea of ​​football. The partner cannot, and should not, be fooled. He is adult and mature. He knows where we come from and deserves fewer excuses and much more responsibility.

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