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Barça does not abandon the Rakuten option for the sponsorship of the shirt

The FC Barcelona He is working hard in the area of ​​sponsorship and marketing to be able to close commitments and agreements that are beneficial to the economy of the entity. After successfully completing the negotiation to find an advertiser for the sleeve of the first team jersey, which in the end will be for Chiliz and your project NFT called, now it’s time to work to close the main sponsor of the shirt.

There are several offers that have been received in the Camp Nou and that they have gone looking for. It has already transpired, explained by EFE, that the Barça club had rejected a proposal from an online courses company based in India and another from cryptocurrencies from middle East.

There have also been approaches from technology and insurance companies. But lately the novelty is that interest has been reactivated, mutually, between the Barça and Rakuten. The Barça club almost ruled out the main sponsor, who ends his contract on June 30, but lately there have been new contacts and in the club it is not ruled out that the relationship with the Japanese company of electronic commerce and audiovisual content that belongs can be reactivated. to Hiroshi mikitani.

The truth is that Rakuten had not been too happy with the association with the FC Barcelona. The Japanese company began its relationship with the club on November 16, 2016, five years ago today, with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. However, he could not develop several initiatives that he had planned with the club given the difficulty of accessing the Barça cracks, the great claim of the agreement, and to be able to organize events with the first team culé that would enhance the brand. However, in parallel Mikitani was weaving a good relationship with Gerard piqué, to the point that he became a sponsor of his Davis cup and also of the last tour of a world star of the song as is his partner, Shakira.

The Barça aspires to receive at least the 55 million per year that it agreed with Rakuten in 2016. This season, after having exercised the option to renew the contract for one more year, he pays 30 ‘kilos’ for the effects of the pandemic. Time is running out to be able to print the shirts of the next season with the new sponsor, although Nike has given to Barça a few more weeks to run. If they eventually have to be manufactured without the sponsor, the club should take care of the stamping costs.

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