Barça delivers the gold and shiny badges to the members who turn 75 years old thumbnail

Barça delivers the gold and shiny badges to the members who turn 75 years old

After a long period without activities due to the pandemic, social events are gradually being incorporated into the day-to-day life of the FC Barcelona and this Tuesday, November 9, the acts of delivery of badges in recognition of the loyalty of the partners were resumed, with the delivery of the gold and shiny badges to a score of partners who celebrate this 2021 their 75 years of association with the club blaugrana.

President Joan Laporta, accompanied by the institutional vice president Elena Fort and the manager of the Social Area Josep Ignasi Macià, has chaired the event and has personally delivered the badges to the partners, who have been accompanied by family and friends, in a very emotional act in which a small tribute has been made to some partners who for many years have maintained their loyalty to the Barça.

This act has represented the resumption of the deliveries of badges, with which the club recognizes the Barça feeling of the members at the time of celebrating their 75, 50 or 25 years as members, since they stopped in March 2020.

Joan Laporta addressed a few words to all attendees at the beginning of the event, highlighting the emotionality of an event like this: “Among all the events we do at the Club, this is the one that makes us most excited because the gratitude that the Club must have for all of you is immense. ” The president added that “it is an act of great symbolic charge, because you, who saw the Les Corts field and the construction of the Camp Nou, are the authentic witnesses of our history and in difficult times you made a commitment to the Club , the city and our country “.

A long life of support for Barça

The members who have received the gold and brilliant insignia joined Barça at a very young age and have maintained their support and love for Barcelona throughout their lives, and represent a model for the generations of members that have come after. The fact that they have been members for 75 years indicates that they joined the club in 1946, in a difficult period and at very hard times for the country and for FC Barcelona. For this reason, it is necessary to value the great merit of all of them, who took the commitment to become members of the entity, and thus collaborate in the growth of Barça.

Among the members who have received their badge, the presence of three sisters who at 91, 87 and 86 years old have all received the gold and diamonds badge together, as well as two brothers who have also shared 75 years of Barça.

The next Monday, November 15 there will be a second installment of gold and shiny badges, for the partners who celebrate their 75 years as Barça partners in 2021.

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