Barça beat Burela in the return to Palau (6-1) thumbnail

Barça beat Burela in the return to Palau (6-1)

Incontestable triumph of Futsal Barça in the reunion of the team with the Palau. The set of Jesus Velasco mercilessly thrashed Burela (6-1), with doublets of Ferrao and André Coelho and many others of Sergio Lozano and Dídac, and got the first win of the season.

The Barça He went into the game very involved and after four minutes he was already leading by 2-0 thanks to the goals of Ferrao and Sergio Lozano. The culés continued dominating the party with comfort and Ferrao, upside down, and André Coelho, after a play of strategy, they put the triumph culé back on track. Burela cut distances with a bit of Pitero and then he served the goalkeeper-player for the rest of the duel.


FC Barcelona-Burela

Pep Morata / Own

After passing through the changing rooms, Burela kept the plan to play with the goalkeeper-player, but did not disturb the goal of Dídac. In the final stretch, André Coelho and his own Dídac They sealed the resounding 6-1 that allows the Catalans to pick up morale after their bad debut in Palma.

Visit of Coutinho and Neto

In the box of the Palau there was the presence of Philippe Coutinho and Net, who are good friends with the Brazilians on the team. The two were able to enjoy the game with the player Andrea Falcon.

Barça: Dídac, Sergio Lozano, Adolfo, Matheus and Ferrao -starting five- Marcenio, Dyego, Povill, Pito, André Coelho, Esquerdinha.
Burela: Kaluza, Isma, Iago, Renato and Pitero -starting five- David Pazos, Quintela, Wanderson, Levi, Nito.
Goals: 1-0, Ferrao (2 ‘); 2-0, Sergio Lozano (4 ‘); 3-0, Ferrao (11 ‘); 4-0, André Coelho (12 ‘); 4-1, Pitero (13 ‘); 5-1, André Coelho (33 ‘); 6-1, Dídac (40 ‘)
Viewers: 985 at the Palau Blaugrana
Referees: Néstor Juan Cerdà and Diego Martínez García. They admonished Iago (26 ‘), David Pazos (28’), Nito (32 ‘) and Wanderson (33’)

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