Athletic recovers troops to face Levante thumbnail

Athletic recovers troops to face Levante

More alternatives for Marcelino in order to draw up tomorrow’s game plan for the Athletic at City of Valencia. Recover cash. Zarraga, who was injured in the previous Spanish, and Villalibre, who has had two injuries since the end of September and only had minutes against him Villarreal, have entered the call for 23 footballers. The only ones who have been left out are the injured Vivian, Yuri and Nolaskoain.

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All internationals, as the coach has said in Lezama, “They have arrived safely, without any physical problem”. Iñigo Martinez, sanctioned against Cadiz, go back to the list. The discomfort in the twin that made him miss the appointment in front of Sweden they have not gone to more. More demanding has been the journey of the under-21s, who on Tuesday played in Russia. In yesterday’s session they had less load, especially a Sancet which was the one who played the most minutes. This afternoon they have worked normally and it will be time to wait until tomorrow to see if they are to enter the eleven.

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