Athletic hits a daring Valencia without hitting

  • Athletic-Valencia This was the match (1-0)

The Athletic he rolled up his sleeves, struggled, delved into the weaknesses of a tender rival and found a left-footed shot from Berenguer to add his first victory that instills confidence and, incidentally, lifts Valverde at the level of memory Xavier Clement. A Valencia that does not hide did not make it easy for him. He shows up, dares and expels some demons, but sometimes he pays for it because his cheekiness is not accompanied by punch. [Narración y estadísticas]

The Italian tries to squeeze a beardless and uneven squad, forcing it to continuously challenge the rival with few weapons beyond the speed of Samuel Lino and the daring guadiana of Castillejo. He didn’t even hold her mobile weapon. Hugo Hard, injured. Nor did Maxi’s pure 9 respond.

For many minutes he tried to unsettle an Athletic that was narrowing the field by squeezing a very advanced defense from which the Williams had to escape from the edges and Berenguer, the first to try point-blank at mamardashvili.

Far from drowning, Valencia insisted that the plays be born from their area, supported by the speed of their bands as catalysts, but without testing Unai Simon. The best chance, a hit by Castillejo, escaped from the three sticks.

At the stroke of halftime, the rojiblancos found their moment, taking advantage of a mistake in the ball out of a gray Carlos Soler for Sancet to find Berenguer at the peak of the area. This time his left foot adjusted to the short post could not be caught by the Georgian goalkeeper. The goal activated the Williams. Nico to find clue on the left; Iñaki for, launched by Muniainlook for the bottom line and serve the second goal to a Berenguer who this time did not adjust the goal.

Little changed after the break, because Valverde once again saw his team step on the area on the run. Valencia did not give up the idea of ​​him, it is more Gattuso He unprotected his trivote, leaving Soler and Nico González in command to fuel his attack with Marcos André. Valencia’s mistakes, which they made, gave rise to quick transitions that put the rojiblancos closer to victory. Muniain tried it and also Nico Williams.

However, it was Valencia who wasted their only shot on goal. In added time he ran away Marcos Andre down the left wing his cross lash licked the base of the post to leave them without a prize.

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