Athletic has a repurchase option on Guruzeta and Larrazabal thumbnail

Athletic has a repurchase option on Guruzeta and Larrazabal

The season of Gorka Guruzeta and Gaizka Larrazabal, two old acquaintances in Lezama, is not going unnoticed. Both players, who currently defend the Amorebieta shirt, are still linked in a certain way to Athletic. The rojiblanco club, in fact, saved a repurchase option with both of them at the end of the following two seasons after their departure from the Ibaigane entity. This clause expires on June 30.

In Lezama it was clear a few weeks ago that the five first team players who are currently on loan will carry out the preseason with Athletic. Córdoba, Morcillo, Iñigo Vicente, Imanol and Nolaskoain, in this way, will return to the red and white discipline this summer at the expense of whoever and whatever the new club managers decide.

The matter regarding Guruzeta and Larrazabal also seemed to be clear then. The Ibaigane entity had no intention of asserting their respective repurchase options. Having seen the performance of both, we will have to wait to see if he maintains his position or not.

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