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Arbeloa: “Casemiro is Real Madrid”

Alvaro Arbeloa, former Real Madrid player and current coach of the Whites’ Youth A team, attended his friend’s farewell casemir, of which he considered that his way of being perfectly represents the club.

“I lived with ‘Case’ his first years and after that we have continued to have a great relationship. Just as it happens to me, it happens to the fans, we are going to miss her on the field and also for the person she is and for what she represents. Someone like Casemiro is Real Madrid”, he assured on Real Madrid TV.

“He has been a tireless worker, a colleague you have always been able to count on and concerned about others; this is what makes him different and unique, beyond his condition as a footballer”, he continued.

“He has become the best midfielder in the world. With Luka and Toni they have formed a midfield for history”, he praised.

Finally, Arbeloa highlighted, as he did Florentino Perez in his speech, on April 8, 2014 in which Casemiro, after a season with little prominence, came off the bench and cut off Borussia Dortmund’s push that caressed the comeback. Real Madrid went to the semi-finals and ended up winning the tenth Champions League.

“Everyone remembers that night in Dortmund very well, but the special thing about that night is that he arrived without having played much and then you realize how professional he is; what he did in Dortmund he did every day in training, it was the reward of daily work, ”he recalled.

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