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Ansu Fati squares to the Barcelona of Lewandowski

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We try so hard to understand a sport as incomprehensible as soccer that, sometimes, we are unable to notice the simplest thing. It is the special footballers who twist and determine the nights that seemed lost. ansu appeared against Real Sociedad 25 minutes from the end, with 1-1 on the scoreboard and with Barcelona disoriented at Anoeta. The ten took out the heel so that Dembele, desperate until then, will advance his team. The boy re-emerged to give continuity to a genius of Pedri that Lewandowski became the second goal of his account. Ansu, still dissatisfied and aware of his gift, concluded by scoring 1-4 after a touch of the Pole’s spur. Suddenly, everything fell into place. [Narración y estadísticas]

None of the four Barcelona captains started at Anoeta because the past oppressed the present. Busquets, okay, he was sanctioned and in the absence of a natural substitute there was no other than to change the system and draw a square. But Jordi Alba was convicted of Xavi Hernandez to the bench in one of those decisions that embitter the footballer and mean the coach. Even without having arrived Mark Alonsothe technician preferred the young man Bucket. Pique he has gone from master of ceremonies to stranger on the bench. While Sergio Robert it’s just a patch.

Anoeta is a place where Barcelona fans have raised emotional boundaries. Posts to look for starting points on the road to decrepitude, few like the territory of San Sebastian. It was there, in 2015, where Luis Enrique gave him to sit down Messi Y Neymar. The team then lost with an own goal by Alba and the marimorena was armed. Luis Enrique got the message and managed to win the summit in the Champions League final in Berlin. Although rarely such a coronation had such a devastating effect on a club. Bartomeu he won the elections between stammers and the same smile that the neighbor offers you in the elevator – “we have a triplet, we have a trident” -, he tried to win the favor of a dressing room that mocked him with renewal and salary increases, and led the entity to an economic, sports and moral crisis from which it has not yet recovered.

Ansu Fati scores Barça's fourth goal.
Ansu Fati scores Barça’s fourth goal.EFE

Because this Barcelona that now governs Joan Laporta with one hand on the lever and the other on the chronometer, he frolics shamelessly in urgency. So much so that, on this second day, he still could not register who should be the foreman of his defense, a Jules Koundé who had to see the imbalances behind from home.

The Barça coach, now that he has a lot to choose from, spoke this time through the line-up. He disregarded Pjanic to replace Busquets and relied on a 3-4-3 that his players were unable to interpret due to the solvency of the midfielders he commanded David Silva. DeJong, whose salary hinders the club so much, was left disoriented and not knowing if he should prioritize looking forward or what was happening behind his neck. He accompanied you first Gavi in the pivot, but before the dilapidated organization it had to be Pedri -the only one with the game in mind- who stepped back to take out the flashlight. A few steps later he stood Fernando Torres, decreasing. Balde stayed with the left-handed winger and the one who marched on the right was Dembélé, unable to go back and who was about to cause an upset to his team after elbowing there. The winger put on that face of his of not understanding anything and the referee, without further ado, took it for granted.

34th birthday

Pedri, in any case, allowed Barça’s eyes to light up at dawn. Between five rivals he managed to give air to a ball that Balde led freely to the Real area. And there he avoided the temptations of any young man. He knew how to wait until Lewandowski took the right position at the penalty spot. The Pole only had to stick out his left foot and rely on his excellent first touch to inaugurate his scoring account as a Barça player in an official match on his 34th birthday. Only 44 seconds had passed since the start.

Although the Real barely took a breath to reach the tie. De Jong did not know how to escape from a two against one to the satisfaction of Silva, solemn at the launch of the race Isaac. Eric Garcia He thought he was on time, but he couldn’t help but deflect the ball just long enough for it to rise above Ter Stegen.

The German goalkeeper, by the way, seems like another at this start of the course. Before the steppes that opened, Ter Stegen responded with success. First, with a point-blank shot from Merino. Already in the addition of the first act, with a low slap against Silva.

Barcelona sighed when seeing how the referee annulled a goal to brais mendez after a lateral foul Le Normand, offside, did not touch, although his presence influenced the goalkeeper. And Xavi snorted when he saw how he was right with the entry of raphinha and, above all, Ansu Fati, whose effect on the match was conclusive. He gave meaning to Dembélé’s chaos and offered Lewandowski the path to the goal, his reason for being. There can be nothing more valuable than finding meaning in football. To the life.

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