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Ancelotti’s big headache

The sides have become the great problem of Ancelotti. The Italian coach does not hit the key to solve it and that is noticed by the white team. Injury to Carvajal It has meant a setback for Ancelotti who cannot find a replacement for him. The Italian doesn’t seem to trust Lucas Vazquez as Zidane did to occupy that position. Saints, the youth squad, is in the bedroom, but against Villarreal, he was not even in the call and Ancelotti opted for Valverde. A failed bet. At the moment, they have already played on that right side Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez, Nacho, Valverde and Santos had minutes against Mallorca.

Nacho He is the man for everything in this Real Madrid, but Ancelotti He prefers him as a left back and not as a right back. The youth squad is covering the casualties due to injury of Marcelo and Mendy and Ancelotti doesn’t seem to be trusting Miguel Gutierrez. The youth squad is the natural replacement for the left back, but the Italian coach puts on and takes off with astonishing ease.

The other option is to put Praise on the left-back, as he did at the beginning of the season, but Ancelotti sees the Austrian as a center-back and not as a full-back.

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