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Ancelotti was wrong again

Carlo Ancelotti rHe acknowledged last Tuesday that privately he can admit that he has been wrong, but not publicly. He did it after the 0-0 against Villarreal and did it again after falling 1-2 against the Sheriff. In the case of the LaLiga match, Ancelotti’s initial approach did not work and he had to change it and yesterday, before the Sheriff, he broke the team with four changes at once in the 65th minute.

Real Madrid equalized from a penalty in the 65th minute and after the goal, Ancelotti slammed Nacho, Miguel, Hazard and Casemiro to enter Modric, Kroos, Jovic and Rodrygo. That caused Valverde and Camavinga they will go on to play as full-backs and with that, Real Madrid lost their verticality in attack and strength in defense.

Real Madrid finished with a 4-2-4 with many men up, but without ideas to break the two defensive lines of the Sheriff who took advantage of all the space that appeared in the center of the Real Madrid field to go to the counter and thus , achieve triumph.

Ancelotti sand he made a mistake with those four changes and with the change of drawing due to the need to win. Errors that cost Real Madrid the defeat.

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