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Ancelotti press conference, live

18:46On the images of players without a mask and if people are unfair to them: “I think that the player in general has a responsibility on the field and socially. That is fundamental. They have a lot of followers and they need to set a good example. That does not mean that I’m talking about Vinicius. Unfortunately he has caught the virus like millions of people who have behaved perfectly well. Those of us who work in this world have more responsibility than not only on the pitch “

18:44On Lunin and if he was excited about being able to play against Getafe: “He is a very motivated goalkeeper. He trains very well and is very professional. He has a lot of quality and I think he will show it soon. It is true that he has not had minutes because in front of him he has the best goalkeeper in the world. I think I understand him, he and everyone understands him. He has a lot of quality and he is very young. He will be successful in his career “

18:43On whether this team would be from the period with Mbappé and Haaland: “Unbeatable teams do not exist for me. As I said before, the future of this club has already been written. It is a club that has competed, competes and will compete. I am convinced that which will do it even more strongly in the future “

18:42On Bale, Marcelo, Isco and Modric, who end their contract at the end of the season: “I don’t think Modric is the only one with the possibility of continuing. They all finish at the end of June but the club has time to talk to them and make the right decision for all”

18:41On whether he sees Courtois ready: “We have to evaluate him. The player is fine. It seems he was a false positive, he had no symptoms. He has done individual work at home and today he has given good feelings, so I think he can play”

18:40About what I wish, he has asked 2022 in sports: “The illusion is clear: to win. It is true that I lack LaLiga on my resume and I would very much like to win it. But the desire is health for everyone. people find it well you feel better you “

18:39On Eden Hazard: “He’s fine. He has come out since the last game with much more confidence. He left a good impression, had opportunities, commitment … Tomorrow he can be an important piece for the team. I am not going to give the line-up yet.”

18:38On whether he doesn’t like to think about Mbappé, Haaland, Rüdiger: “When the new stadium is built I would like to sit on the bench for Real Madrid, whoever the players are. It may be a bit selfish but that’s what interests me”

18:37He would consider inequality if games are postponed now: “Before making this type of decision, the protocol has to be changed. If it continues like this, you have to play. In the end, it’s fair enough. We have already been in lockdown, we have not had games for months. … I think that at this moment the pandemic is quite under control. I am not a doctor but I hear many scientists who say this and I think we have to continue “

18:36On whether Mbappé is going to come: “I don’t know. What I know and think at the moment is to continue fighting for all the titles. It is a very interesting moment because we return to LaLiga, we have the Cup, the Super Cup in Arabia … For all of us it is a very important moment and the last thing I think about now is what will happen in June “

18:35On Xavi’s statements: “It is quite a complicated issue. I respect everyone’s opinion. It is clear that there are many teams affected. We were against Bilbao, as well as them. There is a protocol. We can give an opinion but what we should to do is to respect it “

18:34On how he sees his team: “First of all I want to wish you all a happy 2022. I hope it will be a good year for everyone. The team has trained well. It is a particular moment but we have had almost the entire squad. There are some which are still positive but, apart from Carvajal and Bale who are recovering, the rest are available “

18:33Ancelotti is already at the press conference

18:26Right now, Real Madrid is the outstanding leader with 46 points, eight more than Sevilla, which has a less played game. Atlético and Barça are far behind, 17 and 18 points respectively

18:24The Italian coach will speak for the first time in 2022, one day before the first game of the year (Sunday, 2:00 pm). The whites have not played since December 22, closing the year with a victory against Athletic in a match recovered from another day

18:22Welcome to the live of Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference prior to the game against Getafe!

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