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Ancelotti: ‘I’m very confident; It’s a game to enjoy it’

Carlo Ancelotti spoke into the microphones of Movistar Champions League minutes before playing the final of the European Super Cup to convey the feelings of their players before playing another title again.

The Italian, known for his prudence and elegance when speaking, valued the rival despite the fact that in this type of match the top favorite is the one who arrives as the winner of the Champions.

“The Eintracht They are a very good team that have shown that they have the level to be in this final and that they have shown in the Europa League what they like to do. They fight a lot and are aggressive,” said the coach who today can become the football character with the most European Super Cups (5) just like Tony Kroos.

Likewise, about its footballers, Ancelotti He pointed out that “it is a game to enjoy. There is no concern at the moment, because I have a lot of confidence in my team and I think we got to this game in good shape

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