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Ancelotti Does Not Forget The Sheriff

Carlo Ancelotti He warned after the Champions League draw that the group is not as easy as it seems. “Last year the easiest was the Sheriff at the Bernabéu and we lost it, so you have to have respect. Playing in Glasgow and Leipzig is not going to be easy. You have to respect the group like the rest of the teams respect the Real Madrid”, assured Ancelotti after the draw.

And it is that Carlo Ancelotti He hasn’t forgotten what happened to him. Sheriff in the last Champions. Real Madrid lost to the modest Moldovan championship team. A defeat that affected the team that later chained a new defeat, this one against the SpanishReal Madrid’s rival this Sunday.

Those two defeats put a lot of pressure Carlo Ancelotti To whom the national team break after those two games came in handy to analyze everything that had happened and what had to change so that the situation did not go further.

After those two defeats, Real Madrid changed, they became stronger defensively and from then on, they began to add up victories until they won LaLiga and the Champions League. This season, Carlo Ancelotti He does not want a crisis like last year to be repeated and that is why he warned that one should not trust any rival. And less in the Champions.

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