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Ancelotti: ‘Asensio Needed This Goal’

Carlo Ancelotticoach of real Madridwas satisfied with the victory against Leipzig who left his leading team alone in Group F and celebrated Marco Asensio’s great goal to close the game. “Asensio needed this goal. I’m happy for him, I’ve congratulated him. He didn’t get minutes and today he delivered. He’s always trained well, focused and that anger has come in handy,” said the Italian coach. “I had doubts about whether to stay or go, he has stayed and we are all very happy,” he added. Carletto. that adds 100 triumphs in Champions as a coach, only two away from the record for alex ferguson.

“It wasn’t a fantastic match, we suffered in the first half. The most important thing was to avoid cons because that is his great quality, that’s why we didn’t press and we tried to control to squeeze in the second half”, analyzed the transalpine. “Defensive vigilance was key and they only caught our back twice. The key was to avoid risks and I told the players that they had to play intelligently to win in the simplest way”, continued Ancelotti.

“The classification is well on track with these two victories. We will take advantage of the break to regain energy. Today we have delivered, we have played against a very dangerous team and we didn’t want to take any risks”, said Ancelotti, who highlighted the performance of a Faith Valverde more and more grown.

“To find out if he’s the best in the world in his position, you have to wait. He has a lot of quality, it’s not just his dynamism and energy. Today he scored again with his left foot, I’ve never seen him shoot with his left foot. that he only scored one goal last season. If I don’t make him score ten goals per season, I’ll tear up my coaching card,” he said ironically. Carletto.

Asked about the possibility that Benzema reach the derby on Sunday in the Metropolitan, Ancelotti did not give guarantees. “If he trains well on Saturday, he will play on Sunday. If not, no. We are not going to risk anything with Karim,” he concluded. Ancelotti.

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