Ancelotti: “Asensio, Isco, Jovic … it’s a good sign for the squad” thumbnail

Ancelotti: “Asensio, Isco, Jovic … it’s a good sign for the squad”

The Madrid coach was satisfied in front of the Movistar LaLiga cameras for the match made by his players. He acknowledged that “it has been a very good night.”

Game: “We scored early, we played with intensity. The players have understood it well ”.

Performance of those who have played little: “It is a very good night because the players who have not played much were ready and it is a good sign for the entire squad. We need to change the line-up because we have a lot of games. I liked them ”.

Camavinga in Casemiro’s work: “Yes. There are many who can play in this position. On a defensive level, Casemiro’s level is very high, when you play against an offensive team, Casemiro is indispensable, there is no other.

Asensio, what has he shown: “That he can play in this position, he can do a lot of damage. It is between the lines, it is not open, extreme. With the punch he has, he is very dangerous for the opponents ”.

Give everyone minutes: “It is not the need to give minutes, it is the need to give rest to those who play the most and have the whole team plugged in. It is what we need ”.

Control with Benzema’s back: “I haven’t discussed it with him. The goal seemed good to me… ”.

Subsequently, the Madrid coach spoke to the media in the press room to analyze the victory against Mallorca.

How it improves the team: “I put my experience for the team, I give everything I can. Experience, confidence… I am lucky to coach a brave team, with a lot of quality, that learns quickly… ”.

Asensio, his performance: “He has done very well. Putting him in this position is a position that can hurt the opposing team a lot. Between the lines it shoots very well, it combines very well. He has done very well, hopefully next week he can score three goals too ”.

Players age: “As I have said many times, we have a good mix between experience and youth in the squad, the quality of the youth is very high. They have shown it but we must not forget that experience has a very important component in football. I liked that the players who have played little were ready. Asensio, Isco, Jovic… It’s a very good sign from the squad ”.

Benzema, eight goals. Hard to have rest: “Clearly at this moment Karim is very well. Thinking that he has scored eight goals can make us forget that he is playing very well for the team, assisting… He not only scores, he is complete. When he is tired we will put Jovic in, who is doing very well. It is a difficult competition for Jovic, but what little he plays he is doing very well. Today, against Valencia. When Karim needs rest, he will play ”.

Asensio, always away from the band: “Sometimes it can be that if we push with the wing, he can play on the outside defensively. But with the ball always in the same position because he likes it, when he goes inside he has the ball on his left and it is very dangerous ”.

Midfield relay: “I think the future of Madrid is secure with these players, with Valverde, Camavinga, Blanco … I think the present is also with Kroos, Modric, Casemiro … It is a very strong midfield in every way.”

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