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An added challenge for Williams

Iñaki Williams, barring injury or unforeseen last minute, will become next Friday the player in LaLiga history who has played the most consecutive games. The Bilbao striker equaled Larrañaga, a former Real footballer, at the top of the standings last Saturday at Mestalla by accumulating 202 regularity tournament matches in a row. The rojiblanco striker can add another notch to this event, something he did not achieve in the still recent duel against Valencia.

Both the Che team and Alavés, the next visitor to the lions in San Mamés, are two of the only three First-class teams to which the oldest of the Williams has not scored a goal in the league. At the Mestalla he was about to beat Cillissen shortly after Marcos André’s equalizer goal, but the Dutch goalkeeper put in a good hand to deflect his accurate header. The challenge against the Valencian team is still pending.

The same as that of Alavés, although Athletic has not yet measured itself in this edition of the domestic tournament against the Albiazules. Williams accumulates a total of ten league matches against the babazorros with a balance of two wins, four draws and as many defeats. The duels against those of Gasteiz, according to these data, do not usually give him anything well.

The third team in the current First Division that the Bilbao striker has yet to score against is Granada. Mallorca was also at the start of this league, but the eldest of the Williams left his notch in the vermilion goal in the match played this month in San Mamés.

Williams has therefore beaten the goal of 16 of the 19 teams of the highest category. The rivals that are best given at the director level are Atlético Madrid, Betis and Real. Celta, his latest victim so far, has endorsed three targets, the same as Levante, Rayo Vallecano and Sevilla. Looking ahead to Friday, in short, the Athletic striker has the option of beating Larrañaga and scoring a goal against Alavés in the League for the first time.

The 27-year-old forward from Bilbao began this spectacular series of consecutive league matches played on April 20, 2016, in the clash of the thirty-fourth match of the 2015-1016 season that faced Athletic and Atlético de Madrid in San Mamés. Williams played the last five games of that season, the next five complete leagues (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21) and the first seven days of this season 2021-22 so far.

-The subtle difference-

Larrañaga, the ex-footballer with whom the Athletic striker shares the leadership today at the level of consecutive days of the League played, also leads the ranking of players with the most consecutive games as a starter in this regular tournament. The Azpeitiarra started a total of 192 league matches in the Real team. Arconada is next on this list with 188 and Zubi is third with 184 (divided between his final stage at Athletic and his initial stage at Barça).

Williams is not even among the top 250 in this ranking. The Bilbao, on the other hand, is the second in the list of footballers with the most matches being traded. Nolito is the first with 16, two more than the rojiblanco and Benítez

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