Algeciras and Castellón do not find the goal and share the points (0-0) thumbnail

Algeciras and Castellón do not find the goal and share the points (0-0)

Algeciras and Castellón drew 0-0 in the duel held this Sunday at the Nuevo Mirador. Algeciras arrived with the intention of increasing their score after drawing 0-0 in the last match held against Alcoyano. Regarding the visiting team, Castellón won in their last two matches of the competition against At. The Balearic Islands in their fiefdom and San Fernando at home, 2-1 and 1-2 respectively. After the scoreboard, the Algecireño team is fifth after the end of the match, while Castellón is eighth.

During the first half there were no goals by any of the players of each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, both Algeciras and Castellón were able to take the victory but finally, the points were distributed between both teams (0-0).

In the chapter on changes, Iván Ania’s Algeciras relieved Peris, Javi Duarte and Campaña for Victor López, Turrillo and Álvaro Romero, while Castellón coach Sergi Escobar ordered the entry of Kandoussi, Ortuño, Koke and Borja Martínez to replace César Díaz, Mario Barco, Esquerdo and Carles Salvador.

It was a tough match in which the referee sent off several players from both teams. The local team suffered the expulsion of Roni (2 yellows) while the visitors to Koné (2 yellows). The referee also gave a yellow card to Álvaro Romero, Tomás and Roni by the local team and Carles Salvador, Torres, Mario Barco, Ortuño, Koné, Sibille and Kandoussi by the visiting team.

After the tie, the two teams had 18 points in the box and placed fifth (Algeciras) and eighth (Castellón) in the First RFEF.

The next day of the competition will face Algeciras away from home against RM Castilla, while Castellón will face at home against Llagostera.

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