Abidal’s wife asks for a divorce after he confesses that he was an adulterer with Hamraoui thumbnail

Abidal’s wife asks for a divorce after he confesses that he was an adulterer with Hamraoui

The possible relationship of Eric Abidal, former soccer player of Barça, with the soccer player Kheira Hamraoui, currently in the ranks of the PSG After spending three years as a culé, it has caused his wife Hayet Abidal I have asked for the divorce.

So he assured Jennifer losada, matrimonial lawyer from Hayet, in statements collected by ‘Esport3’ pointing out that the wife of Abidal She is very upset with the case of the assault on Hamraoui, an attack that has shocked the world of football.

“Bound by circumstances and disgusted by the Hamraoui case, Hayet Abidal will request a divorce in Barcelona. After the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office announced Monday night that the phone chip was in her husband’s name Eric Abidal, he confessed that he had an adulterous relationship with Madame Hamraoui, “he said Jennifer losada, a lawyer at the law firm Aequo specializing in family law.

The statement adds: “As for the judicial case itself, it hopes to be able to clean its honor and reputation, tarnished by rumors, and reiterates its desire to be heard as soon as possible, in a case that has already claimed several collateral victims.”

It should be remembered that Kheira Hamraoui She was hit in the legs on November 4 with an iron bar after being abruptly pulled from the car in which she was traveling with Aminata Diallo after a team dinner and at first it was noted that his partner in the PSG She would have been the instigator of the attack, but in the end the police released the soccer player. Eric Abidal is pending to testify about it and his still wife Hayet asked the Prosecutor’s Office to declare as soon as possible after learning that Hamraoui he suspected her.

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