A year of the bitterest day of Leo Messi

A year has passed since one of the saddest days in the recent history of Barcelona. On August 8, 2021 at the Auditori 1899 Leo Messi said goodbye in tears to FC Barcelona.

The Argentine star began a speech and I started sobbing -“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to speak- and ended with the applause of those present. Board of directors, coaching staff, squad… Everyone stood and applauded in a very emotional moment, with fur chicken, to fire the until then their captain, Leo Messi.

“This is very difficult for me, after so many years, living my whole life here, I wasn’t prepared,” acknowledged the Argentine in a long speech of thanks.

And it is that Leo Messi he would have liked to leave the club in a very different way. “I would have liked to say goodbye in another way. I never imagined my farewell, because I didn’t think about it, but I don’t think I would have imagined it this way. I would have liked to do it with people, in the field, to be able to hear one last applause Last love. I missed them a lot during all this time of the pandemic in which we couldn’t play with the public, and I missed that, being able to have them close, the encouragement, celebrating a goal with them, hearing an ovation, that they chant my name … and I’m leaving this club without seeing it, it’s been more than a year and a half and I’m telling you, if I had imagined it it would have been with the stadium full, being able to be close to the people and being able to say goodbye to them well”.

The Argentine, who a few days later signed with PSG after being free with him Barcelona, left a wish in the air. “Hopefully I can return to be part of this club at some point in whatever way, hopefully I can contribute something so that this club continues to give it the best and continues to be the best in the world.”

A year later, the march of Leo Messi. Moreover, from the club itself in recent weeks there has been speculation about a possible return of Messi next year, once the contract with PSG ends. A football year is a long time. Time will tell if Leo can fulfill his wish to say goodbye on the field and with the people chanting his name, again dressed in Barça. Even if it is in Montjuic, where the Barca will play next season.

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