A Mature Osasuna Frustrates The Plenary Session Of Madrid

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The plenary session would end sooner or later, but it is good that it does so when whoever prevents it deserves it, as Osasuna did, a real team, with north, south, east and west, who made Madrid feel at home as in the waking up from a hangover: you bump into everything. The day after the selection day has something of that, heavy for the big ones. If they also set traps for you, you stumble twice as much. Madrid successfully eluded them to begin with, by taking the lead on a ball that did not have the goal in mind, but it ended badly when their banner, Benzema, missed a penalty on the day of his return. Ended the faith of the convert, Mariano, in the countryside. Bad business and bad day to lose the leadership, now equalized with Barça Lewandowskitwo weeks from the classic.

Madrid was rescued from the empanada by a goal that confused blacksmith and the judges, until the VAR and Estrada Fernandez They said nothing, that there was not enough influence from those who were offside to justify the annulment of a goal that was born as a center of Vinicius. When someone is lucky, these things happen to them. Luck, good and bad, passes before everyone. You just have to be trained to take advantage of the first. Vin is. Since his growth last season and the goal in the Champions League final, he has internalized his hierarchy, as fixed in attack as Benzema. The only thing he has to do is not get confused or lose energy in protests. Lately it happens to him, he gets hotter than he should. Yesterday, too, and the result is that it was less in the game.


Vinicius had a replica in his rival. Abde, the footballer on loan from Barcelona, ​​is of his kind, a pure dribbler. When you find one of them, you have to bet. For Joseba Arrasate it’s like an icing on your cake, a consistent cake. Tactically, we could be facing one of the most mature teams in the league, with defensive aids that blocked Madrid’s paths in positional attack. He only created danger when he could run, rarely, and when his goalkeeper made a mistake. Arrasate also managed to have superiority in midfield, where Madrid, without modricdid not have its usual range. Ceballos, who found his opportunity as a starter, leaned excessively and did not know how to value his vision to filter balls. He is a footballer used to having the ball a lot, driving, and that sometimes slows down the game too much. Something else is going for Madrid.

Either Tchouameni he was well oriented, uncomfortable and with too many turnovers. Ancelotti he did not last the mandatory hour and replaced both at the same time, a sign of his dissatisfaction. It is not usual in Italian. Until then, Madrid had only had details and one goal, but the goal Kike Garcia, as soon as he returned after the break, he precipitated his decision. She didn’t see it clearly. He wasn’t.

kike garcia and lunin

The day that Madrid lost Courtoisdue to an attack of sciatica, it is easy to scrutinize Lunin in the goal, but Kike García’s shot, from behind, was extremely difficult for the goalkeeper. So nothing to say. Credit goes to the striker, who managed to put a lot of force on the ball with his neck movement. Kike Garcia is a tank. For rivals, looking for it in melee is like hitting a concrete wall.

Lunin had had little work, just one stop with his foot on the ground, despite the push from Osasuna, who continuously searched for Abde. The Spanish-Moroccan got it, but without success in the definition. He is young, with a lot of time to improve it. If he succeeds, we are facing a footballer who will be talked about.

The Navarre tie and Ancelotti’s changes, especially Valverde, pushed Osasuna into his area, who went on to defend himself with a line of six men, now without Abde, and left Kike García to look for space on the counterattacks. In one he combined with Torroanother finding of Arrasate, but without cleanliness in the way of ending.

The bombardment, already with Asensio and even Mariano, albeit with little clarity, found only Benzema, whose quality movement made the penalty unavoidable. Versus blacksmith, his black beast, erred. Strange but symptomatic of the bad day of yours. With one less, Osasuna resisted and threatened. The plenum was not frustrated by chance.

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