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50 days for Dembélé to sign for whoever he wants

Dembélé signed to replace Neymar in 2017. His contract expires on June 30, 2022. It means that, starting on January 1, he can compromise his future with another team. The transfer premium that could be taken would be stratospheric. That will happen if in the next 50 days he does not sign his renewal with Barça, which are the “priority” duties that Xavi put him to Laporta publicly. At last, after more than four long years, Dembélé you have heard the first accolades in capital letters. Xavi was sensational saying that “Dembélé he may be the best in the world in his position ”, and that“ he has spectacular conditions to be a world star ”. For too long not even his companions helped him. They leaked that he fell asleep and did not come to a training session and they pointed him out for the goal of Aduriz in Bilbao, when Ousmane He had broken muscularly in the previous play and it was not he who had to defend the Chilean from the Basque. Finally a coach who, without feeling the pressure of wanting to please Messi, will cling to the talent of Dembélé like a burning nail. Look where, the player who knew that the Club wanted to devalue him this summer in an exchange operation, who was threatened that if he did not renew he would not play, now he has the upper hand, thanks to a coach who only thinks about favoring the team and to the Club. And that’s why it knows that it is a priority

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