2-0: Real Zaragoza win their first game of the season at La Romareda thumbnail

2-0: Real Zaragoza win their first game of the season at La Romareda

The Real Zaragoza won in The Romareda almost half a year later and thus ended with another spell after having broken his historic streak of nine consecutive draws the previous day against the Burgos. This Sunday, the hands beat a 2-0 Sporting taking a step back from his promotion aspirations and still out of the top six.

The game started with the blanquillos being superior to their rival, dominating the ball and confidently influencing the rival field. Already in minute five, a lateral center of an active Borja Sainz was not connected by Alvaro Gimenez, who already smelled the goal lurking in the small area. Sporting responded on the next play with a dangerous shot from Milovanov that skimmed the post.

The alternations of occasions continued in the immediate minutes, with James Igbekeme adopting a role of arriving. The Nigerian tried it with two shots in just two minutes: the first, with his right leg, went up; while the second, after Fran Gamez let the ball pass, ran into a good save from Diego Marino, who guessed the direction of the launch. Between the two, the visitors also tried with a distant shot of Rodriguez that got off track.

Those of Juan Ignacio Martinez they continued solid in defense and daring and dynamic in attack. This, added to the high pressure exerted by the Zaragocistas, forced several sportinguista losses that were translated into blanquilla options. In the 17th minute, Álvaro Giménez made Marine, who, with his foot, sent the shot from the ram to a corner kick; and, shortly after, the local target arrived.

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In the 30th minute, precisely after a recovery, Borja Sainz he launched himself through his band, dribbling with a measured self-pass that allowed him to step on the area and executing a powerful launch that Mariño touched, but did not stop. With the Aragonese team ahead, the team continued to express its virtues on the municipal, neutralizing the Sporting and keeping the advantage until the break.

In the second part, the zaragocistas put land in the middle thanks to the bullseye of Nano Table in the 62nd minute. After a masterful assist from Alejandro Francés, Nano stood alone before Mariño, dribbling it and scoring low to celebrate a target that was immediately annulled. However, after the action was reviewed in the VAR, the goal from Tenerife went up to the scoreboard.

The Real Zaragoza, supportive in all aspects, resisted the rival attacks with a successful positional block, and was even able to put the three to zero in a counter mounted between Ivan Azon and Borja Sainz. The extreme, after a great control, met Mariño when the third goal was already sensed in the electronic. In this way, the Maño team adds three points, the first home victory of the season and the second consecutive after the triumph in Burgos, and continues its climb in LaLiga SmartBank.




Real Zaragoza: Cristian, Fran Gámez, Francés, Jair, Chavarria, Petrovic (Eguaras, 65´), Francho, James (Zapater, 84´), Borja Sainz (Lluís López, 88´), Nano Mesa (Bermejo, 65´) and Álvaro G . (Iván Azón, 84´).

Real Sporting: Mariño, Milovanov, Babín, Berrocal, García (Kravets, 79´), Pedro Díaz, Gragera (Berto, 62´), Gaspar (Méndez, 62´), Rodríguez, Villalba and Djuka.

Goals: 1-0; Borja Sainz (min. 30), 2-0; Nano Mesa (min. 62).

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva (Galician Committee). He admonished Petrovic (min. 45), Nano Mesa (min. 59), Jair (min. 80) and Fran Gámez (min. 88) by Real Zaragoza; and to Gaspar (min. 25), to Djuka (min. 67) and Díaz (min. 77) by Sporting.

Incidents: Match played at La Romareda before some 18,000 spectators.

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